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  1. We honestly don’t know what we want to do, I’m just looking to get multiple opinions and hopefully collect as much decent info as I can. My dad has owned a couple swords in his life but I’m sure none of them have been worth very much or been as old as these could be. We agreed they are just cool as hell and unless somebody could convince us they’re worth getting polished and papered we would probably just keep them as collectors. I can definitely appreciate that, thank you for the input. I’m honestly not sure how often these are “recovered” in the US and if anyone ever finds something that was missed by collectors before and is severely undervalued or historically important. Thats why I posted here
  2. As a complete beginner to this, it seemed the logical place to start
  3. We are definitely aware of his importance and that people would want to pass a blade as his. Is the only way to be certain to go through NBTHK or find our own expert first? also I read that he died the 27th of may, and we read it as “one day in February” for the date so it would have been right before he died. Another thing we noticed was that the tang has been squared off, which we assumed would have been done as the laws about length of katana changed. Is that a dead giveaway for anything in particular? I have been looking out for an elongated Jumyō but haven’t seen one. Are there specific reference books you would suggest investing in?
  4. Well. I haven’t noticed Jumyō on any of his other blades but I also haven’t thought to look. From the beginning of looking at these I figured the wakizashi was much older and hadn’t thought it might be Taikei Naotane as well
  5. So I've found many multiple Jumyo smiths, and looking up the kanji it is defined as "life span." The below site says that these were generally given as gifts to Daimyo. https://new.uniquejapan.com/a-signed-jumyo-long-life-wakizashi/ I'm at a loss for what to look for next with the wakizashi. How would one go about narrowing down the possible origin without the vast knowledge and resources that Shinsa can provide? There is only signature on one side of the tang, and no date. Which I would assume means that the blade is older or made by a lesser smith. As far as the Naotane katana Now I'm further unsure of what to think of the hamon as Steven says this looks just like his. DTM I thought that I read that later in life he was partial to thinner, straighter hamon due to their physical qualities. EDIT: Also I'm aware that these could be gimei of course
  6. Here is what I can make out on the tang of the wakizashi, including the drill hole
  7. I feel pretty confident on the katana when compared to his other signatures and with the hamon as you said. We believe the wakizashi says Jumyō, someone told me there’s been many smiths with that name over a large timeframe and it’s drilled over the signature
  8. Hello all. Brand new here so if asking these questions break any community rules, I apologize. Recently my father came across a couple swords in antique store. To his untrained eye, they looked legit. I believe they are as well. We are looking for some more input and opinions. Here are the blades with multiple angles. First is the wakizashi and a kogatana (which was pointed out to me that it could be gimei and I'm not too worried about it). I can't upload all of the pictures but I will include links to imgur with albums of both pieces. If interested, the mei is in the album and we believe it says Jumyō. Here is the katana, which we (with some reddit help) deciphered came from Taikei Naotane in 1857. Here are the links for both albums. https://imgur.com/a/UaPLYTI https://imgur.com/a/4V7qNWd These were sold as a set, and the tsuka on each looks similar which I would assume means that they have been a set for some time. If this makes sense, let me know. Thanks in advance for looking, and any input is welcomed as far as what should be our next steps moving forward if these pieces might be worth getting refurbished professionally and possibly papered. R F
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