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  1. I will try this later, Grey, thank you!
  2. I'm not too keen with Nihonto yet, but do you think it was fine sort of decoration?
  3. here's the close up. i also added the paper that came with it, and i circled where i think there was a paper taped on it at one time kind regards
  4. Hi Grey, Thanks for your response. I believe you're familiar with the piece. I got it from Mark over the weekend. Kind regards
  5. Hello all, I just purchased my very first katana this past weekend. That only thing is, it looks like a piece of paper was taped around the mid part of the koshirae so there's a very slight discoloration. I tried cleaning it with warm water and soap, and it cleaned it some. My question is, is it safe to apply Renaissance Wax on the koshirae? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello Alex, i'm looking for an F/K for my katana, so if you don't mind, could you please give me the size of the Dai. is that the one with the gold highlights?
  7. Never mind. i just saw the .pdf files. didn't realized it was being sold as a pair.
  8. What are the prices and sizes for the fuchikashira dragons (with and without gold) ? Or do you have a site?
  9. Is AOI in general in the high side, or low side when it comes to pricing? Seems like they're very easy to deal with..
  10. hello, what is the rule of the thumb in regards to tsuba sizes and Nihonto length? even as a beginner, i'm pretty sure there has a to be a standard since it won't look aesthetic if the tsuba that is being paired up with the blade is smaller or larger. for instance, what size tsuba would go nice with a 19" nagasa wakizashi?
  11. What's the size (diameter and hole size) of that one with coins and how much is he asking for it
  12. Hello all, this might sound stupid but, how does one add a koshirae to a blade that came with a shirasaya? do you have it custom made? what about the fittings that go with it? is there like a theme that you built? i saw a few at the Aoi Japan website, but how do you know they fit? i know, lots of question...
  13. Mahalo everyone! I'll make sure to get in touch with Bob. Aloha
  14. Hello, Brand new at this hobby, so I'm learning a lot and I'm not gonna let a little travelling interfering with that. I will be visiting relatives in O'ahu next month so I was wondering if there are any places that I can check out, maybe even buy Nihonto. I'm not sure if swap meet had them, but I'm looking more for like an antique store or a dealer. Mahalo in advance!
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