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  1. Wow, thanks for that, I had a perusal of the site when I joined for a thread, I can't have looked hard enough. Similar style numbers as the civilian sword pictured in there. It's a puzzler, even post war if the numbers were done to 'up' the value, they'd match the numbers surely. It'd be much easier just to find a replacement habaki!
  2. Thank you very much for the reply Shamsy, much appreciated. My friend and I have searched many articles and books, no links can be found at this stage. I'm working on a sales pitch worthy of folklore and legend, but I agree, it's a hard sell. Just one glimpse of it being true, would make life a lot easier. In saying that, I have had offers to purchase, it's just how much one can get I guess. Thank you again Best regards.
  3. Hello, Thank you very much for the reply, that is interesting and sadly(for me) the closest I've come yet to confirming the story. Numbers on the habaki for an NCO sword just reek of fraud, when questioning my friend about the extra numbers he told me the story. Finding references to it have proven difficult, which will make a hard sale. The difference in a proven stamp and a story is a few dollars especially if it's rare.
  4. Japanese WWII NCO Katana. I have a legitimate one that has the habaki and saya(by the hanger) stamped that I would like to sell for a friend of mine. He has owned it thirty+ years. The legend has it that when the occupied forces destroyed the swords, they had stamped a few before throwing them into the sea or giving them to the U.S soldiers. It has been confirmed legitimate by a NZ collector who remembers seeing a similar stamping on one in the UK at auction many many years ago but didn't purchase. Sadly google is not very helpful so I'm reaching out in search of greater minds. I'd really appreciate some references to this legend if any one can help. Blade and saya throat are 29483. Habaki and stamp beside saya hanger are 37884.
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