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  1. Thanks so much for the reply! I noticed in the swordsmith database @ https://nihontoclub.com/view/smiths that there are a large number of smiths with this name.
  2. I attempted to translate the characters in the attached picture. Here is what I came up with: 兼元 Kane Moto Thanks, Larry
  3. Thanks Bruce! That information on the price range is really helpful.
  4. lnf

    My first purchase

    Chris and Jean - thanks so much for the feed back and guidance. I really appreciate it.
  5. I did some research and it looks like the signature on the sword matches that of a sword smith named Yoshiaki. The signature matches this: www.japaneseswordindex.com/oshigata/yoshiaki.jpg There is another sword smith from the same time who's name is Mashina Yoshiaki and his signature is different: www.japaneseswordindex.com/oshigata/yoshiak2.jpg I have been able to find information about Mashina Yoshiaki but have not been able to find any information about the Yoshiaki who's signature is on the sword pictured below. Is it possible that these are the same person? In addition to the signature there is a Sho arsenal stamp. As a newbie to this I'm interested in any feedback on my findings and any opinion if this sword was made following traditional methods or was perhaps machine made. It appears to me to be in good shape. I am interested in this as a collector and in using this for practicing Iaido. The owner is asking $3000 US for this and I thought that was too expensive. I would appreciate any feedback on the sword, my analysis and guidance on the asking price. Thanks, Larry
  6. lnf

    My first purchase

    Ken, Thanks for the guidance. I finally had some time to complete the Kantei sheet. All the information should be taken with a grain of salt but FWIW here are the results: Type: Katana Mei: Mumei Total Length: 81.6 cm Nagasa length: 66 cm Kasane: .47 cm Motokasane: .635 cm Mihaba: 2.54 cm Motohaba: 2.85 cm Sakihaba 2.2 cm Weight: 629 grams Mekugina: there are 3 Sugata Type: shobu-zukuri Hada: Itame Suri: 1.58 cm Suri Type: Toriizori Kissaki: O-kissaki Mune: Iori Hamon: Gunome (possibly Gunome Choji) Nakago: Suriage Yasurime: Kiri Given this information and my research I would agree that the this is most likely from the Muromachi period. I'm not qualified to make any other classifications. I can say that it was challenging to make out the details and I'm wondering if that is a result of polishing. For example the Hamon is visible but you have to manipulate the viewing angle to see it clearly. Would a better polishing job bring out the Hamon and the other details? Thanks, Larry
  7. lnf

    My first purchase

    Here is another picture of a part of the blade. I tried to get a reasonable picture of the Hamon.
  8. lnf

    Tusba mei help

    Thanks for the confirmation. Any advice on how to determine the authenticity? I haven't been able to locate local expertise.
  9. lnf

    My first purchase

    Thanks so much for the help and guidance. I will try to take some better pictures.
  10. lnf

    Tusba mei help

    I am a new member, new collector and still learning so please excuse any mistakes. I purchased a sword from a colleague of mine and this Tusba was mounted on the blade. The Tusba is signed and based on some research I think that the signature is Soheishi Nyudo Soten. I'm hoping that someone can confirm my guess. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Larry F
  11. lnf

    My first purchase

    I am a new member, beginner collector and still learning so please excuse the mistakes. I purchased this sword from a colleague of mine. He was not able to provide many details about the history of the blade. He said that he had added the mounts from his collection (Tsuba, fuchi, menuki, Kashira). The blade is unsigned. I'd be interested in any information that can be determined from the photos provided. I will post some questions about the tsuba in the Tosogu forum. Thanks, Larry F.
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