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  1. Thank you both for replying and the welcome. Thanks for the advice, after reading I see this is a great place for safely purchasing and I have been keeping track of some sources that people have recommended and who to avoid. It does seem to get very complex with the amount of information. I'm trying to get aquainted with terminology and some of the basics. The amount of information is overwhelming and a bit confusing. Thanks again Ralph
  2. I'm Ralph just signed up but have been lurking doing some reading. I probably won't be posting much as I have nothing to offer of value or usefulness to this great forum and resource of information. It will be awhile before I'm in the position to purchase a nihonto. I've always had an interest since I was a teenager and saw an old Japanese sword slung on someone's back, walking around the gunshow looking to sell or trade his sword. I'm trying to slowly pickup some knowledge by reading here. Hopefully someday I'll be able to purchase a nice piece. In the meantime I'm enjoying the threads here with the wonderful pictures, discussing these wonderful swords. Thanks Ralph
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