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  1. Thank you for all your help everyone, this is a great forum with an incredible amount of knowledge and information.
  2. I rubbed in a bit of chalk to highlight the mei
  3. It looks like it’s about 9.5cm from lower peg hole to notch at start of blade. I can’t remove the Habaki all the way, I don’t want to force it as it’s not my blade and don’t want to damage it so just pulled it down a bit. The mei does look just like the one Mat posted ( thank you Mat )
  4. Thanks John, does this help? I added a couple off close up of the blade, using an IPhone ,so not the best. It has about 56cm (22 inches) of sharpened edge if that helps as well.
  5. Thanks for your reply’s John and Jean. Yes, I thought the Tsuka looked a bit odd as well but I don’t really know much about Japanese blades anyway ( still learning ). So if the Hamon was chemically treated does this mean it’s not an old blade? I will do some googling and see what I can find on Kanetsugu.
  6. Hi, I am after any information on this blade. I believe it’s Japanese but I could be wrong. Blade length is about 56cm from the Tsuba to the Kissaki and looks as tho it is hand forged. I can see folds in the blade (not sure if photo picks it up) and is extremely sharp with a Nice Hamon. It has only the two mei and what looks like a bar code under the Habaki. Thankyou
  7. Thanks Barry, good to hear I will give it a go
  8. ok so 18, Thankyou Bruce. I will give the soapy water a go with maybe a soft toothbrush then a bit of oil on a rag. Would you stay away from using an oil with solvents in them such as some gun cleaning spray oils? I have oils with solvents for cleaning/protection and oil with no solvents.
  9. I decided to remove the Fittings ( Seppa’s ) on my “New to me” Gunto. They have obviously not been removed for quite some time, stuck together with grime. I also noticed all the fittings were marked with a number ( 8T ) which I now know from this forum that they are assembling numbers. My question is do I clean them and if so with what? ( hot soapy water? ) or leave as is? I don’t want to make them shiny and want to keep the old aged patina look. I’m sure this has probably been asked before, but I thank you for any help. This is a Showato made by Fujii Kanefuji ( thanks to other forum members for the name )
  10. I would like to thank everyone for their help it was greatly appreciated.
  11. My tassel does look a little different to those. It’s very close to the one on the far left. Thank you
  12. Yes, I will post more photos when I get home. The Tsuba is a dark brown in colour the photo makes it look black.
  13. Hi Steve, Fujii Kanefuji This is what I found, have I translated that correctly?
  14. Hello Steve M, Thankyou for your reply I appreciate it
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