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  1. Thanks all. He didn't pay a whole lot for it thankfully!
  2. Hi all, A friend of mine recently purchased what he believes is a Kyu Gunto however isn't sure. I've posted pictures below and he can send more if needed. He cannot see a way to dismount the blade and look at the tang, so would welcome pointers in that regard too! It appears the scabbard fittings have been partially repainted at some point, as some have a clear patina and others are painted. Appreciate any help / opinions given 😊
  3. Should add I'm on the move so sorry for any typos!
  4. Hi all, Would appreciate your thoughts on the authenticity of the a gunto I've found. The Hamon is extremely prominent, more so than others I have seen... What do you think? Real or fake? Personally I'm unsure. I'm very new to this area of interest however. All thoughts welcome from those who have undoubtedly more experience than I in such matters! Thanks, Alex
  5. Hi all, Hoping someone can translate the signature within the attached image? Unfortunately I don't have a lot of information to hand, so hoping this sheds some light! Thanks to all those who assist 😊 Alex
  6. Thanks Ray. Have had a quick look and can't see anything in my price range at present but will keep checking back 😊
  7. Hi everyone, Hope you're all keeping well. UK based occasional browser, first time poster. Typically a Chinese sword collector, I'm looking to purchase my first piece of Nihonto and expand my collection. I have no real preference regarding what I'm looking for (so feel free to send anything and everything), however I would like something with some age and preferably fittings too. That said, I'm also being sensible, keeping the budget very modest and treating this as a learning exercise from start to finish. My budget is up to £750.00 GBP. Whilst I am very realistic that in Nihonto terms this is very little money and don't expect to be offered anything extraordinary, something nice from someone who perhaps wants to move a part of their collection on, or a piece in 'as found' condition would be great. Unusual or undesirable also fine. Happy to discuss and if anyone has anything that may be of interest, please comment or send me a PM. Many thanks, Alex
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