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  1. In addition to the already mentioned, i suggest these for gunto: - Isoroku, 2011 -Empire of the sun, 1987, by Steven Spielberg - The Eternal Zero (永遠の0), 2013 - Otoko-tachi no Yamato (男たちの大和), 2005 - Fire on the plains (野火, Nobi), 1959, by Kon Ichikawa, and the remake, 2014, by Tsukamoto - Sea Without Exit ( 出口のない海), 2006 And i think there are some scenes also in - The Eight Hundred, 2020 - Hacksaw Ridge, 2016 - Onoda 10.000 Nights in the Jungle, 2021 But i still haven't seen these last 3
  2. Thank you all for your comments! I hope someday to be as experienced as you are!
  3. Thanks for your analysis John, that fuchi does not convince me either
  4. Thank you so much guys! You have been very helpful to me!
  5. Hi guys! I saw this sword and immediately a doubt came to me. It's not the first time I have seen a family mon on a sword, but usually it is on the kabutogane not on the fuchi. What do you think, is it authentic? Have you ever seen others like this?
  6. Hi Juan, i must say that it is truly a beautiful sword! But unfortunately it is not what i'm looking for. Thanks anyways!
  7. Hi Guys! I'm looking for a type 94 shin gunto. Possibly, but not necessarily, with officer tassel
  8. Hi Karu, thank you for the reply, and also for the link!
  9. Hi guys, and greeting from Italy. I need your help and your expert eyes to figure out if this is a real NCO gunto or just a fake. What do you think about?
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