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  1. Thanks for all the explanations
  2. Boa tarde a todos, obrigado pela atenção de todos da última vez que estive conversando aqui no fórum gostaria de saber se alguém do grupo pode me ajudar a traduzir alguns kanjis?
  3. Agree a very high value and in the photos we cannot see how much the blade is damaged
  4. $ 1,800 Dólares
  5. Thank you Mr: Bruce for the information I asked for some detailed photos of the blade so that I could see if it was in good condition the seller did not send the photos to me I was afraid to make the purchase the value of the saber is about $ 1,800 I don't know if the seller would send to your country if you want to contact this is the link: https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-1764066134-espada-antiga-wakizashi-_JM
  6. Thanks for the advice but I damaged the blade with my lack of experience I will stick with them so that I can think several times before making another purchase
  7. Sir, if the signature is false, what would be the approximate amount that I should pay for this katana in the state it is in? my last purchase doesn’t do very well where I live there isn’t a person who can do an evaluation thanks for the attention
  8. thanks for the guidance if the subscription is fake is it a good buy?
  9. thanks for the guidance I will seek all possible information so as not to make the same mistake
  10. Good night everyone, I'm about to buy another Katana but I'm not sure if I should make the purchase, I don't want to make the same mistakes I made on another purchase, the seller sent me some photos, could you evaluate if it is a falcification and what the average value of a katana in these conditions thanks to everyone who can guide me
  11. thank you for the informations
  12. Researching me on the internet made me believe that they were origins they are the same as the one in the photo on this site they didn't cost me much for the experience and learning they are already paid thanks to everyone
  13. If I researched the lamina's kanji correctly it says: Ogasawara Nobu but I could be wrong note: as i said before i am not aware of the blade Kanji showing small cuts as if they were made with a cutting tool like a small chisel in the same way the hole in the handle presents small scratches in broken lines and were not made by a drill
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