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  1. Thanks All for the replies. Very much appreciated!
  2. Thanks Brian - will do. Very reassuring!
  3. Thanks Bazza. Yes, it's definitely legit microdear. It cost about 66 AUD (~48 USD). I guess I'm just a little paranoid with this being a different version from what you usual see... I think you're probably right though. It definitely says for camera lenses on the back so I can't imagine it would be an issue.
  4. Thanks Brian. Are all microdear made equal though? Is this green "pro optic" version as safe/recommend for nihonto as the regular orange version people traditionally recommend? I only have the green one (not what I ordered but what arrived) and so can't compare their relative consistencies...
  5. Dear learned friends. I recently bought what I thought was the usual orange coloured Microdear cloth from an online store (the picture on their site clearly showed the usual orange one) but what arrived was this green one... Does anyone have any experience with using this green Microdear cloth variant? Does anyone know whether it is safe to use or should I send it back? Many thanks, Costas
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