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  1. Thanks. Here are the other pictures and info I have. Nagasa 49.5 cm, probably cut down from around 60 cm during 17. century? Nagasa+tang 92.2 cm Total length 240 cm
  2. Dear Geraint Thanks! It is my first naginata.
  3. No problem, I fully understand your skepticism and I would have that too, in case I did not know the previous owner etc. etc.. The present owner/seller is also well known to people I fully trust. Never mind the paper, my hope was mainly to find out if other Kinmichi smith than Iga-no-kami Kinmichi could have made it and you helped a lot! Thank you again. I know there is so far no NBTHK shinsa planned outside Japan, but one could always hope. I just heard it has once been discussed.
  4. Dear Jacques Thank you very much for your reply! I have attached the only other photos I have of the signature. I have not yet received the naginata due to Corona-reavel restrictions. I am not so worried about the validity of the signature, as the naginata earlier was in this specific Swedish collection (Mr. Kjell Lindberg, Malmö). I knew him personally. I hope there might be a Shinsa in Europe at some time and I could take it there to get new papers. It had papers (probably NBTHK) but the grading is not remembered and NBTHK does not re-issue papers. It has to pass a new Shinsa. From what reference/book is the picture of the oshigata you showed?
  5. Dear Group I am trying to identify a signature on a naginata and I would like to ask if anybody in this forum have signed items with papers, having “Kinmichi saku” at least as a part of the name or know if other Kinmichi-smiths than Iga-no-kami Kinmichi used a “Kinmichi saku” signature. The signature on the naginata says “Kinmichi saku”, but this is not listed in the sources I have access to. The naginata was until 2006 in the collection of a well known Scandinavian collector and Nihonto-expert and had paper/certificate. The paper/certificate has since then unfortunately been lost but a later owner remember that it should be from around 1600 and of high quality. That fits with 1st gen. Iga-no-kami Kinmichi, but other Kinmichi may have used the signature too… I found one source telling that Shodai Iga-no-kami Kinmichi used “Kinmichi saku” (at least once). His earliest dated work is dated Tensho 9 (1581), with said signature, see page 2. ( https://www.touken.or.jp/Portals/0/pdf/english/tobi_translation/753_NBTHK_October_2019.pdf ). If anybody has signed items with papers (or other information about "Kinmichi saku") would I be very grateful for any information and a photo of the signature/tang for comparison. Best wishes from Denmark Kasper
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