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  1. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22248/lot/1126A/?category=list This is TRUE daisho, not the mixed matched stuff you see called as such! Absolutely mint, the wakizashi comes with 14k gold habaki. Koshirae only for the katana. NBTHK Hozon for both, will EASILY get TokuHo if not Juyo as daisho! Serious investment for the deep pockets. The Bonhams has all the info you need - please do not ask for photos, I will not be playing the back and fourth game. As I mentioned this is for the Real collector!!! Also, please no comments in the ad! Interested parties can DM me! 60k J.
  2. How many polishes would take to remove the HI grooves off? 🤔🤦‍♂️🤣🥳 John
  3. It shows us how eFd up the blade appraisal is, if nothing else.. J.
  4. Never seen such yasurime.. Beautiful oily steel it appears.. John
  5. You have a point. COVID managed to disrupt the flow of it all including transportation industry. But I'd rather get a delay than don't get my item. Even with Signature UPS would just leave everything wherever they find, signed by D. (Whomever the funk that is lol). I am sure it is zip code pertinent but USPS and UPS are something I stay away from. Wish I could change my mail provider ... J.
  6. Truly painful to hear. I hope they recover it... To me High volume companies are usually full of disappointments (UPS and USPS). I pay extra for fedex and I follow strictly all policies so I don't end up in a predicament as yours. Not that it can't happen But I know their business inside out so I sleep well at night Cheers J.
  7. Hello, For me UBU is key in your case. I'd like to hear what others have to say But I don't think a plugged hole affects the value of a Shinto blade. Cheers John
  8. Same. Besides the title many other things threw me off 😆 John
  9. The dog is stressed out lol Nice! It looks very similar to my Yokoyama Sukenaga. Best among his works IMHO John
  10. I do and I won't let go (unless I get a ridiculous offer haha) - Shodai Tadayoshi o tanto made for Nabeshima Naoshige. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/20503/lot/1186/ 😇 John
  11. Nice Most likely gimei. I hope I am wrong John
  12. 1975, my mistake.. Thank you Plus that one in your example appears to have its nakago altered??? John
  13. I am to venture in a field I don't know much about but own a few.. Kanenao was not a Rikugun Jumei Tosho Or...? John
  14. The glue used originally has nothing to do with glue as we know it. Yes, you can use anything to repair it but I wouldn't. Chemicals might have a negative impact on the blade itself and then some. I think the forum has info on qualified Saya makers within the US. I HIGHLY recommend going that route. John
  15. I doubt a person that hasn't had the 'common level' blades ever would even know what they are looking at/understand it/appreciate it/study it. Now if that's the billionaire club, call ALL dealers and ask them to show you what they have in their 'vaults' (as someone suggested that they have MANY for sale available). Then the blade/s will pick you John
  16. If you are in the Toku Ju market, let me know. John
  17. *next song* More music less Jacques D. John
  18. Gimei is the rule of thumb Then comes kantei. Books.. whatnot .. John
  19. Mai I ask the price range of this blade? Koshirae included? Thanks
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