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  1. I'd prefer it to be healthy and polished, papers would also be a preference but not mandatory. I do not have a period in mind so I don't have a preference, I doubt masakuni would be available anyway.... And budget... I guess it would depend on the blade and how much I like it. Thank you for your time
  2. Thank you for your warm welcome Mr Thomas. I would say the main reason would be my liking of philosophy of the school, the utilitarian approach over mostly aesthetics. I am quite fond of thicker strong blades, which is why the blades I use for practice are both from the akamatsu taro smith's, whom share that philosophy as well. Anyway, Im quite fond of them for their battle proven quality across the centuries. I hope my answer is enough and once again thank you for your warm welcome Kevin Ojeda
  3. Greetings , I just registered and its my first post on the forum, I apologize if I commit any mistake. I am quite interested in acquiring Dotanuki school blades, if anyone is willing to part with one please do tell me. Thank you for your time Kevin
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