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  1. Length from Kissaki machi: 24” Width at Machi: 1 1/4” Thickness at Machi: 1/4”
  2. Hey everyone, I recently acquired a shortened katana signed 助高. Since there are only two smiths listed which mei that start with suke and taka, would make him Hawley SUK522 or SUK512. Does anyone have any information on this smith? Any and all responses are highly appreciated.
  3. After close inspection, I believe the blade is dated Eikyo, (永享) or beginning in 1429. I went down the list of Nengo, and the character I can really make out is 永.
  4. Was not able to get the habaki all the way off, but was able to slide it down to measure, I can take pictures of it if you need. Here’s the Kissaki
  5. Thanks everyone in advance for your input and speculation! I really appreciate it!
  6. Hello all! I need some help identifying my katana blade. I think the nakago is signed Tsugunao, but I’m not sure.. here’s the measurements: Length from Kissaki to Machi: 25” Width at machi: 1 1/8th” Thickness at machi: 5/16”
  7. Hello all, I need help translating the signature on my katana blade. I think the first kanji might be 内 any and all help is much appreciated, and thank you in advance!
  8. I tried a little powder on the Mei, and tried adjusting the contrast, but it appears the Mei has gone a bit to the ages.
  9. Hello, I have this old Katana blade that has a signature on the Nakago, however I have no clue where to start or if it can be translated so I thought I’d get some opinions. Any and all help/speculation is much appreciated! Thank you in advance, Regards, Max
  10. It does appear to be signed, although I can’t make out any characters
  11. Hello everyone, I need help identifying what era my katana is from. Any and all help is appreciated! I wasn’t able to get the Habaki off, however I was able to slide it down enough to get a measurement of the machi. Measurements; Length from Kissaki to machi: 25” width at machi: 1 1/8” Thickness at machi: 5/16” Thank you again for your help and consideration!
  12. Ok so I did some picture taking and some measuring, and here’s what I came up with Shortened: length from kissaki to machi: 18” width at machi: 1 1/16” thickness at machi: 1/4” Un-shortened: length from kissaki to machi: 17” width at machi: 1 1/8” thickness at machi: 1/4” all help and any advice is much appreciated.
  13. Hello all! New to the forum and the hobby! I have been collecting and interested in katana style swords since I was about 10 years old; I loved watching the old classic samurai movies, and have always wanted to own an actual Nihonto, so I’m a newbie to the hobby, but a lifelong samurai and Japanese swordsmanship fan. Today I was able to acquire two wakizashi, in hardwood shirasaya fittings. I’m still very new to identifying swords, especially by nakago, so I was hoping you guys could help me out? I tried taking the best pictures I could for now. Anything these old Nakago can tell you? :D
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