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  1. Thank you so much for all the insights. I have already oiled the blades, hopefully stoping all rusting for the time being. The katana does indeed look like it has been polished a lot. Could this indicate that it is rather old? I would be inclined to say its curvature reminds me of older blades, but once again, my knowledge is very limited. As for the tanto, it does indeed look much healthier than the katana and I think it might be worth polishing. I'm most curious to understand how old both these blades might be. As for the "kogatana like knife", the blade doesn't seem to be of very good quality, so all that has been said here makes a lot of sense. Would it be feasible to fit it's kozuka on the kogatana that came with the tanto? Or would this be a criminal act that might sentence me to nihonto hell? Once again, thank you Geraint, Barry and Ed for your insights and advice.
  2. Francois, Thank you for the welcome! I did use that fact to lower the price, yes. It was quite heart broken when I discovered the sanding had happened. The dealer is a good honest person, but unfortunately, didn't know much about nihonto and wanted to clean the rust. Good intentions often lead to great harm. I ended up paying 640€ for both blades and the kogatana, a price I considered fair given the fittings. I don't believe I'll make any money from this and don't plan on selling, but hopefully I saved both blades from further harm.
  3. The kogatana, an extra photo of the tanto and all together:
  4. Hi everyone, I have recently acquired two nihonto, a katana and a tanto, and I humbly step here to ask your opinions about them. I paid a low price for them and I knew I wasn't getting any prize worthy pieces, but I found them both appealing and intriguing, so I took the plunge. The previous owner "cleaned" them with sandpaper between the first batch of photos he sent me and the second, which gave me a slight heart attack and a new permanent tear that hangs inside my soul. This means that unfortunately, not much of the blade's activity can be seen, although a continuous hamon can be found in both of the blades. The fittings are what convinced me to buy these blades, as they fancy my tastes and show good workmanship, especially the ones of the tanto. They are beaten up by time, but that gives them an extra layer of charm. The Katana has a nagasa length o 73,5cm. The yokote line is hard to spot but exists ever so faintly, like a shy Will-o'-the-wisp. The hamon appears to me to be a notare-midare hamon, with long, very irregular waves. I do spot a lot of ware and a fukure. I am but a humble beginner at the art of appreciating nihonto, so I don't think I know enough to say much more of relevance. I don't find any mei on the tang and I find the blade's curvature rather pronounced, but that's the extent of my knowledge and I can't begin to atribute any era for the blade's manufacture. As for the tanto, it has a nagaha length of 31cm and a Suguha hamon. I find it very healthily shaped and doesn't have nearly as many flaws as the katana. I am also unable to find any mei on the tang. The fittings of the tanto came with a kogatana without the kozuka. This workmanship on these tanto's fittings is marvellous. The details in the insects is mind-blowing to me. Finally, an extra kogatana also came with the swords, which has what I assume to be a dancing frog on the kozuka. It has a blade of 10,5 cm with a symbol. It also appears to have some red lacquer on the blade. The blade shape is unusual to me and the blade is extremely thin. I think that's all I can say about the pieces. I'll try to add as many photos as I can. I'm planning on keeping these blades, but I'm unsure if they are worth polishing or not. I would also like to know as much as possible about them and try to find how old they are. As such, I come ask the help of wiser people so that I might learn a little more about them. I'll try to add as many pictures as I can. If I'm missing any important detail, please tell me so that I can take further pictures. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. M. Rocha
  5. Christian, Thank you so much for your help! If it is indeed that old, I'd say it deserves to be brought back to life.
  6. Christian, Thank you for the insight! The nagasa is 53,5 cm.
  7. Moriyma, Thank you so much for the help! From what I could find out, Moriie is quite a famous name, even though there were a number of them. I'm guessing this might be a gimei? In this poor condition, I guess it will be hard to have an idea of the period it was made in. I might have a section polished professionally to see if it's worth polishing the whole thing. Thank you once again!
  8. Hello everyone, This is my first post, but I'm sure it won't be the last and hopefully I'll be able to help someone in the future after I finish reading all the nihonto related books that I have coming my way. I have a wakizashi in quite rough condition and I would be terribly grateful if you could share some insights that you might have on it. Is someone able to translate the mei or have any insights about the period this sword might be from? I'm thinking about having it professionally polished but I'd prefer to have some more knowledge about it to know if it's worth it. I used some effects on the mei to get it to be as readable as possible, I hope it helps! Thank you all in advance and it's a pleasure to join the forum. Miguel da Rocha
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