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  1. why does that not surprise me? everything is for marketing. :) either way, i am a fan of jb for metal. the mekugi currently holds it in the tsuka, but i dont swing it about. it will always remain a broken blade. i just like the idea of it being a single piece again.


    thanks for all the responses so far. thats why i posted here. im 45 but still love to learn.


    this is my current wall mount idea using just one plank. these are sycamore planks i cut about 5 months ago from a several hundred year old tree in my dads yard. a large branch broke off during a hurricane. i will probably put 100 coats of tung oil on it. maybe then clear plastic hooks to hold the blade. will probably add a mekugi ana to display a mekugi with it.




  2. the epoxy i mentioned, jb weld, is a cold weld epoxy. it creates a very strong metal on metal bond. proper application should render it about 95%+ invisible. would only need applied to the flats between the pieces. there is enough of a hook on the mekugi ana to hold the blade in the tsuka without the rear piece. thats why i am thinking it would be the best way to go. the corrosion levels on the blade and nakago had me thinking even later than that. maybe the 30s or 40s. its mostly surface corrosion with mild pitting.


    *edit - now that i think about it, i was judging the rust levels on what occurs in my area. i have know idea where this has resided before california. its hot, humid, coastal air here. makes everything corrode quickly.

  3. 2 minutes ago, ChrisW said:

    The blade was/is antique. I won't reply further on what you're doing or the blade itself. Its frowned upon to do any sort of metal work or comment on it as it can be seen as encouraging others to do it as well. Proper togishi go through an apprenticeship that takes ten years or so, any work should be left to them in my opinion. Sorry!



    no offense taken. i appreciate honest replies. thats the only way to change perspectives. other than reattaching the nakago, i had no further alteration plans for the blade. i understand keeping it close to original as possible. however, i bought it listed as junk. i didnt think collectors would even consider it.

  4. Do you think this is an antique? i didnt think it was that old. i have already done the active rust removal. i used oil and a nylon brush to remove the red rust before putting the blade portion on a stone to remove the corrosion build up. took about 10 minutes. the finish coating it has protected a lot of the metal.





  5. 14 minutes ago, 16k said:

    I’ll be honest with you Greg, I don’t think it is worth saving. :(



    thats why i chose this one. i knew it was bad. perfect to do simple work on. i have many years of hand tool experience. grew up around mechanics and pipe fitters. also done some gunsmithing, antique restoration, several other  things over the years. i believe i wont destroy it, no matter what decision i go with.


    i am not easily offended. be as blunt as you wish. :)

  6. picked up a mumei tanto recently. it came with koshirae. the photos did not have the broken piece of nakago, but i found it wedged inside the tsuka. it is a clean break just on the edge of the mekugi ana. i am thinking of using jb weld in a small amount between the two pieces. once dried, i think it will be sufficient for inside the tsuka. would there be a better recommendation for repair? i do not wish to physically weld on it. 


  7. On 8/11/2020 at 2:15 PM, jt nesbitt said:

     UPS (who had previously informed me on the phone that they do not ship "weapons" - no way- no how). I had to pay an additional $38 in customs fees, and provide my social security number to some lady at UPS over the phone.



    this is extremely weird. ups is the only company that ships guns and ammunition. they ship tons daily. literal tons. them asking for you SS# is really messed up. why would they need that. they have no way to verify it. did they want the entire number or just the last 4? you arent even required to add that to a job application until you are hired. i have had firearms and martial art weapons shipped through them countless times.  i would contact their higher ups to find out what is the reason they needed your SS#.




  8. thanks Grey Doffin. no need to be sorry. i always appreciate an honest, educated opinion. i bought it so cheap, i expected it to be gimei. unless it has intentionally  accelerated rust damage, i am thinking early 1900s on this one. i picked this up along with a few really bad condition mumei wakizashi as well. i will practice polishing and adding koshirae to make complete swords.

  9. Thank you Geraint. the length without nakago is 44 cm. the machi is 3.2cm tall while the blade is .42cm thick at the machi.


    i picked the blade up from komonjo, but was expecting a fake signature with a name like that also.


    the nakago has been altered also. l think some one neutralized the rust with chemical before trying to remove more. it has patches of consistant pitting on both sides. file marks along one of the edges on the backside.



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