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  1. what a lovely captivating piece it just catches your eye and holds it. is the theme of a early europian globe on one side and the ocean on the other?? say the world is your oyster maybe ??? hahhaha
  2. and so it should be. wonderfull item and at a fantastic price. i nearly weakened.
  3. Just 1 above the gun rack, if its not a bent piece of wood. Pic quality it shhiiiiiot
  4. to have a life of studing good swords seroiusly requires sacrifies, especially if you cant afford to buy them. i had to drive 8 hrs 1 way to get one on one study lessons with educated peaple. AND you need to learn from educated peaple. self study IMHO is time wasted. you dont know what you dont know. in the end, by the time i realised the sacrifes i had to make to study full time would be just to big for my young family. so i made the heart breaking desicion to turn my back on studing nihonto. but if you have alot of clubs or peaple that will give there time and help you, and you can afford the time, and money costs jump in and never look back. studing nihonto expanded the better part of my personally and out look on life, gives you a small check on life of how little WE acually know. books can help, but its like sex, reading a book cant really explain the hole act. hands on learning WILL.
  5. oh john, im weak at the knees,
  6. some great books at good prices. iv delt with Ed, hes easy to deal with . great guy.
  7. if you want the mei removed, have it done by a professioanl before sumitting it. or just live with it. w the NMB has a strong stance agains DIY or amateur work
  8. you certinally have a odd one there. in the end it will most likely be labelled, unidentifable, early model or custom. the hook quillion at the top of the guard isnt capped with a ball. rather odd. the steeped wings of the backstrap are long, and rather deep looking. the back strap looks to be completely void of and decoration but the general shape of the tsuka and guard look simular to a type 19 cavalry officers sword. the leather barraled knot could be a policemans knot, a army knot or a very rare 1912 knot for officers and officals, but they had a corded lanyard. the photo looks like leather. also its attached at the guard, not at the pommel, the plot thinkens
  9. it reads, or i think it reads toto junin ikkansai kunimori kin saku but later became well known as miyaguchi YASUHIROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a yasukuni smith. other members could give there ops on the mei. but the nakago and hamon look correct to me. but i could be talking out my ass
  10. didnt know samurai had cnc machines
  11. Oh Neil, I'm getting aroused
  12. like iv mentioned in the past, the F&G'S early books have had mis-identified swords. i have abit of ground on this subject as i have owned swords published in 2 books. and a close friend has been a contributor to all F&G books and Dawsons books and he is in agreement with my opinion. this is a police sword Bruce but this is just my opinion , i could be talking out my ass
  13. those are the best swords. !!!!! sorry spilt my coffee
  14. this link has many links. i asked a simular question many years ago. here is a old tsuba of mine
  15. Morning Bruce, Send more photos, as from the 2 you posted I suspect that might be a miss matched type 19 say are a "mucked about with after the war saya"
  16. Sorry for the late reply. When I said "incomplete " I was basically refuring to the end cap from the tsuka missing and the condition of the say a. Its either missing its koiguchi or it's a miss matched saya. Imho it's the latter, as the saya isn't completely housing the blade. Evan with the missing end of the throat of the saya it should will fit the entire blade As to the ashi Bruce, they can travel a lot, I would say it's lost the little piece of packing paper, and it's allowed the ashi to travel higher. I once had a plus 30 inch blade example, with the ashi in the similar spot. I assumed it was for a horse mounted solder. So it could be retrieved while on the saddle ring
  17. This is a company grade type 19 kyu gunto Dress sword. Original, but incomplete
  18. This is indeed cast iron, and they are very rare. I have only ever seen another 1, and it was the one I owned. Sadly for its rareity, they don't sell for much. I believe they were made for the 94s when transitioning to the 98
  19. 7 mill for a kidney Mate I'll take 2mill for mine hahahhahaH
  20. Mark does some great working finding the least know parts of history. Then making short doco.
  21. I had a emura that Evan the habaki was number to match too.
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