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  1. real, but uglyer then a hat full of assholes
  2. Hamish

    The weight of History

    As per usual, krill puts forth a great and insightful opinion, that always makes me rethink what i have posted. Thank goodness for other people's points of view
  3. Hamish

    The weight of History

    yes its very good quality but isnt this a little odd, revering this for the fact of its history is like collecting badges from the einsatzgruppe. putting extra value to it only because of the voilent histroy, that aside its over 50k for this hmmmmmmm, sounds like a fishing trip
  4. Hamish

    Myochin Tsuba

    oohh thats rather nice
  5. check the depth of the pitting on the HA at the yokote and the kissaki. looks rather deep to me! might loss alot of sugata or kissaki getting it out, but neither of us are TOGI are we. i had far less pitting on a yasukuni-to that i was told by a Togi that is will not polish out.
  6. a rare item. this isnt just a police dirk. its a Nan Yo colonial example. rare well done on this find. tho not a highly priced item, its one of the small but very cool parts of history that deserve another look at how the league of nations oh and dont bother trying to dismantle, its a madd produced, nickel plated blade. the most you will find is prob production numbers. and at the worst you will distroy or damage the tsuka or nut
  7. Hamish

    Kantei of Tanto

    the posted tanto looks like its had a acid polish to me, which imho would make kantei difficult at best. but could be the bright light.. LED? the hada looks hard and unatural, theres a womping big patch of core steel showing too. but the vidoe quality isnt super good. mino, echizen maybe??
  8. what a lovely captivating piece it just catches your eye and holds it. is the theme of a early europian globe on one side and the ocean on the other?? say the world is your oyster maybe ??? hahhaha
  9. and so it should be. wonderfull item and at a fantastic price. i nearly weakened.
  10. Just 1 above the gun rack, if its not a bent piece of wood. Pic quality it shhiiiiiot
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