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  1. No stamps or symbols other than the four on one side with the swordsmith's name. I took a few more photos if they will help, the files are large so it is taking me a lot of time to upload them. Thank you again for your help and support! I am a small-time collector of militaria and was very humbled to be gifted this piece for my collection.
  2. Here are a couple pictures, trying to upload more.
  3. Thank you! I have already been reading up on the links you posted. I am seeing that my blade does not have the last two symbols, just his name. Also my blade has no stamp mark on it. Does that signify that this is a traditionally made blade. I will post more pictures when I am home tomorrow if that will help.
  4. Hello all, Recently I was very graciously gifted this military katana from a family friend who has now passed away from cancer. I am new to Japanese weaponry and have been trying to learn all I can and hoping to get a translation of the blade markings. Would appreciate any and all help! Thank you. ...these are the only symbols on the blade, none on the reverse side.
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