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  1. One more question, use of wakasashi in ww2 instead of a full size sword. Was this guy to short to use a full size or his speciality wouldn't allow him to use it?
  2. Thank you guys! ...for all of the info and suggestions. Here is another picture of that spot . Is there any members in Seattle area?
  3. Thanks everyone! I just added some new resized pictures.
  4. Sized those pictures down, here is the second one.
  5. Hello everyone! Here is a couple of swords that I just picked up and want to learn more about it.
  6. Hello everyone ! I am new here, I am more into collecting awards and some edge weapons, I just picked up a couple of Japanese swords one regular size and one shorter in ww2 fittings and would like to learn more about them. So in what section should post it to get some opinions?
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