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  1. I still think its amazing that we can own items like this, even if it is in less that perfect condition. Its still a piece of history. The armor display at Odawara Castle is what originally got me thinking that it would be amazing to own some of this. It surprises me there is so much of it for sale. Now to research enough to choose a few big categories of items, then find a great piece from each category to build myself a cool collection. I also have a helmet, but its a rusty shell. Very intricate but not all clean and pretty like I see for sale. Haven't seen anything like my helmet for sale, only in pics. Its in storage, will post when I get to it.
  2. Yes, very sad haha. Only a mere 12MP photos.
  3. Attached. This blade looks like it was used for junior soldier training in a rock pile!
  4. The blade reminds me of the woman's ability to cut the heart out of the man.
  5. That looks like a good resource. My point was it might take me a long time to find that...but you were kind enough to show me the way! Thanks!
  6. I really appreciate all the input, both here and in personal messages. This is a very helpful and knowledgable group! I will buy more of these weapons in the future and will definitely use this blog as a go-to source and hope to one day be able to contribute. Lots to learn first!
  7. Thank you for the reply. When I look at this blade it reminds me of the Harajuku girl I dated in Tokyo.
  8. I am almost there, needed to get some background. I used to live in Zushi near Kamakura and can speak some Japanese but cannot read or write. Very little useful information in English to find a real answer that I have come across yet. Some input from Gaijin who are smart on the subject or local Japanese is invaluable.
  9. Good inputs. Can anyone provide a target for age range for the blade and for the scabbard please?
  10. I heard that these were sometimes used by women. I'm not giving this to my wife. She is Indonesian Chinese and already threatens to kill me if I look at another girl.
  11. Yes, I will not cut. I think this is a great piece of history, not for me to cut up and change so I can have something shiny on display. Non-abrasive polish oil only to slow any further corrosion.
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