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  1. The characters in the left margin is the name of the artist in Japanese? Please try to ignore the light reflection from the glass. Not sure how my images got the way they look.
  2. Thanks Malcolm. I had that thought also bu was not sure. I'll post an other that I believe is Japanese. George
  3. I'm somewhat embarrassed to even ask but will nonetheless. Is this Chinese or Japanese art? In either case what is the name for the art form.
  4. Thank you both for your input. I always thought it was intended for armor piecing given the mass of the blade point and its shape. I also felt that it was re purposed in that it is doubtful that someone would go to the trouble to make a blade like this (to me appearing as a very complicated/complex shape due to its facets) for the tourist trade. I held these opinions without any real knowledge about Japanese edge weapons. The handle (Nakago?) I think, can be easily repaired the rest of the scabbard is in, as was, condition and intact. I did contact aoijapan for an opinion and their's is that the blade dates to the late Edo early Meiji era. My posting at an other site, thereafter, seemed to raise some questions about the authenticity, hence my post here. Assuming the blade is intended for armor piercing and re purposed: Would it have been polished in its original state and what would the mounting have looked like? Also, would it be worth to have the blade re polished?
  5. Greetings all. I have had this knife for decades and am curious about it's approximate date of manufacture and any other information that might be available or discernible from the attached photographs. Unfortunately the patina on the blade and rust on the tang have been stripped except the bits still showing. I include some magnified shots of the blade if it should help with identification. Thank you in advance for your responses. George
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