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    Hello, my passion is just starting with any kind of Japanese blades and I have a little collection of tsuba guards . I am completely novice in this matter.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this information , it's very helpful for me. You are machines !!!
  2. Hello, everyone I'm trying to identify or find up with all kinds of information about this tsubas. All I know from my bad knowledge is that one is the size of a wakizashi, and the other one is from a tachi sword. I also attach the dimensions of each one, and I would be very grateful if you could comment. Any help is appreciated Thanks in advance, Sven 1. Butterfly tsuba size - 80/78 mm thickness - 4mm nakago - 28/8 mm 2. tachi tsuba : size - 75 mm thickness - 4mm nakago - 28/8 mm 3. iron-brass tsuba: size - 83/82 mm thickness - 4.5mm nakago - 30/8 mm 4.diamond leaf tsuba size - 70/65 mm thickness - 4.5mm nakago - 25/8 mm
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