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  1. But if some important swords were lost and not burnt and burried in the rubble why didnt they report them missing maybe the Japanese have a longer list we dont know about or the emperor just didnt want to put them on the missing list for some reason? According to Yamanaka there are many blades missing. Now I will stop:)
  2. I found this 応安 (Oan) at the JSSUS homepage and looks to be same as the 應安. 1368 seems way to early for this blade so I guess its a gimei. Anyway, thank you all for your help.
  3. In the list of missing swords from WW2 are there any swords from the imperial collection or the Shosoin present there, or were there orders not to touch anything from the imperial household/shosoin? Tony
  4. Hi, everyone! Its been two years since I started to collect swords and I am glad I did. Due to the pandemic I needed a new hobby and found the SBG (Sword buyers guide) but I realised you where collecting antiques here and I like it better:) Well have a nice nice day and enjoy your swords. Tony
  5. When I bought this sword I thougt the mei was Sukesada but now I think it looks more like Kaneie, its a bit blurry at the end, what do you think? The year look like Keian ( 慶安) to me but dont know for sure.
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