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  1. Hi, Thank you steve. You are the second person who has given the same response of Masamitsu. Interesting! The nearest match i seemed to find was Mitsutaka and cannot find a match to Masamitsu. Thanks for your help and I will continue with the research. IanC.
  2. Hi all Thanks in advance for your assistance. I have a Kozuka with a kibata mei and need some help with the translation. Interestingly, I have found an exact of this Kozuka with a mei for mainline goto. Mitsutaka? Waki goto? Thanks. Ian C.
  3. IanC

    Mumei Wakizashi

    I have personally had no experience with buying from these sellers but have viewed their listings before... I would definitely agree that this blade is in extremely poor shape...spending money on a polish would be a financial loss. Learn from it as it is.....
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