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  1. Hello, can somebody write me something about this blade please ? I would like to know how old it is and if it is old from which shool it came. Thank you for your feedback🙂B5B29972-3622-4104-BF21-5E49C610885D.thumb.jpeg.42c4d762ab0f86a981fa47b63bb79a0a.jpeg27D22331-EA5A-418F-8616-603BF7347195.thumb.jpeg.a136e2afa1d32194493c8edaff351405.jpegB5B29972-3622-4104-BF21-5E49C610885D.thumb.jpeg.42c4d762ab0f86a981fa47b63bb79a0a.jpeg


    1. Ray Singer

      Ray Singer

      It looks like a Shinto wakizashi which is unfortunately in ruined condition.

  2. Hello, can somebody help me with signature please ?
  3. Hello, I would like to know whether this tachi was made during WWII or during another period. When I bought this sword it has mounting from WWII and problem is that it has new hilt which I can’t open. But I think that this sword is of very high quality. Hamon is not visible except for some parts. And for me is very intresting gold write on the blade. Thank you for your feedback.
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