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  1. Hello there, I would like to buy a Katana or Wakizashi(with Koshirae) but Europe only. I'm in the range of 2000Euros. Thank you!
  2. Thank you, @Bruce Pennington This was eye-opening!
  3. I've learned a lot today. Thanks to all of you!!
  4. Hello there, I've some begginer questions if you don't mind. I've attached a picture. Can you please tell me why the top part of the swords mune has different polish(raw?) then the rest of it? I have 3 swords, 2 of them are like this...but the third one, a Kanbun shinto is not? Why would that be? Also, a very general question about sharpness of a blade..I don't know if this is same with all the swords but the only sharp part of my sword is the boshi..edges are not sharp..why is that? Did samurai used only the tip of the sword to attack? Thank you!
  5. Hi there, i hope you can help me on this matter. I was thinking of getting a sword from Japan(ebay) to Netherlands, where i live. But i'm hearing that EMS causing problems to deliver swords to the Netherlands? Again, i've heard that FedEx doesn't allow Koshirae due to Tsuka(animal product)..? So the only way to buy a sword is using both EMS(for Koshirae) and FedEx(for the sword)? Do you know anything about the customs regulations in the Netherlands? Thank you in advance!!
  6. Hi, I've made another topic about this sword a couple of days ago..I believe my pictures wasn't sufficient to identify the sword so i made a new set of pictures while cleaning it Please take a look.
  7. I also managed to post the rest..Thank you @Bruce Pennington !!!!
  8. I just bought my first sword! Yayyy!! I don't know what it is so i need your help! I tried to take some pictures..There is no signature on the tang..also seems like there used to be a flower-ish engrave on tsuba..I'm so new in this so bare with me ((I couldnt manage the attack the photos sorry..))
  9. Hi, can you please help me with translating this signature https://ibb.co/0MSd57H https://ibb.co/9hgpgD3 Thanks a lot!!
  10. Hi, I saw these swords in an antique store the other day and was wondering which era they belong to..they look like army swords but the seller really have no idea or info about them. I was thinking of buying one of them..I opened some of them and their blade looked fine without rust..Not sure if they are signed or not..4th from the top was my favourite though.. Thank you!
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