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  1. masondj

    Ara nie

    Some good examples here, thanks for sharing Paul.
  2. masondj

    Ara nie

    Some like ara nie, some like ko nie. What do you like? What are some examples of uncontrolled ara nie?
  3. First blade at such quality, you'll gonna love it and enjoy it for a long time!
  4. A beautiful blade indeed, thanks for sharing!
  5. THanks for sharing it with us Guido, great job and beautiful daisho!
  6. You are quite right Ken, I've rotated the photo. And now the sugata tells the truth, isn't it? Can't trust what was written on the sayagaki Mason, how about posting shots of the sugata, with a completely-bare blade?
  7. the way it runs into the nakago makes you wonder
  8. When it comes to Koto blade, I guess the acceptable standards include more or less some forms of minor flaws in the not-too-pricey category.
  9. It's stated ubu on the sayagaki
  10. That's a major one for me too, Franco pointed out as well. But polishing could potentially hide a few more flaws.
  11. Here you go Ken, I came across it on ebay when I was doing research on Mihara group from Muromachi period. You can check out other photos here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SAYAGAKI-Attested-Japanese-Antique-Wakizashi-Sword-Samurai-Katana-Nihonto/254558920128?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 It was sold just a few days ago for $890.
  12. Are these acceptable flaws on a wakizashi from Muromachi period (Mumei)? What do you think? I think Michael from the other post mentioned about the flaws from Muromachi deduct its value accordingly.
  13. All good Brandon, let me know when you get to them.
  14. I was just too late for the one you sold, saw the post only after the update it was sold.
  15. It sounds reasonable, just updated my budget to 1700.
  16. Thanks for the advice Chris, I'd better stretch my budget a bit than taking the risk;)
  17. Hi Dave, the pic shows the blade with basic forging and folding (simple surfase lines) compared to more refined process of folding done in the traditional way. And by definition sunobe blade was only drawn and hammered without being folded, so we won't see the surface features. I think I've seen somewhere the quality of showato is ranked according to the forging effort went into it.
  18. Hi Bruce, I think you've shown a good example of sunobe blade compared to the other photos- without forging and folding which are necesseary steps involved in making a han tanrento.
  19. https://www.samuraishokai.jp/sword/19163.html Could this be a Han-Tenro- to? A better quality showato?
  20. The surface lines are the evidence of forging, so han tanren to.
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