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  1. I have bought from Bill in the past , This came from a USMC vet and is part of a grouping. Hence the book and the flag in the 1st post, not from a commercial dealer but the vets cousin. With regards to opinions I like to post on here because you get many opinions, and I agree not everyone is always right (hence the posts) which I believe is the best way to collect anything. Bills Write ups on swords are always very informative also And a good start on the journey of learning. I would also like to add Bill has Taken the time and spent many hours helping me on my path to learning more about Japanese culture and more ! I thank him very much for that. - DC
  2. They where oiled and wiped down after photos Yours Dean
  3. I will get the proper photos up tonight , I really thank all of you for taking the time to help - Dean
  4. So the 100 dollar Question Do I get it cleaned and back to it’s former glory ! Opinions please
  5. Hi Bruce His book is quite the read , memoirs of a mud marine. He was at Guadalcanal, Saipan and Tinian just to mention a few. The flag was found in a cave that they had been clearing, it was found on an officer. The sword was bought home after being in China. Fascinating stuff Yours Dean
  6. Thank you for the comments, a friend also pointed out the satsuma connection with it Yours Dean
  7. Hi The wrap on the Tsuka is very old and discoloured, period for sure. I’ll get some pics without the Habaki Do i get it polished ? Looking at the blade do you think it’s a traditionally forged blade, maybe a Hamon
  8. Yes the book is the marines memoirs! I have his combat uniform also
  9. A USMC vet brought this home when the Japanese surrendered in 1945 in Tsing Tao China. It comes with a flag and other items but I want to show this sword. Feels amazing in hand, not maker marked, blade measures 26” A friend who deals with these and who i trust likes it Thoughts please Thanks in advance
  10. Thankyou everyone Sorry for my late reply, I’ve had the flu for some days now
  11. 2 generations working from 1624 to 1673 Kawachi Daijo Kuni Sada.Both rated smiths.Made good swords .Can not find an Oshigata to compare the signature with !. All This info came from my friend Bill
  12. Thanks Paul B If the smith is a good smith and worth getting it done I will get it polished. Maybe someone here can say whether the mei is correct. It’s a WW2 bring back.
  13. Hello forum members Been offered this sword and would love some of your opinions. Lots of pics below The seller is looking for $1500 Is it a good maker of sword, does the blade look ok Thanks in advance
  14. It’s all positive 16k and I appreciate all the comments and opinions. I think it’s a fantastic thread I’ve already learnt lots as I’m sure others have too. - Dean
  15. I found this on the web - don’t know if it helps but it’s got a lot of info on Muji hada http://www.swordforum.com/vb4/showthread.php?29600-Muji-Hada-on-Nihonto-Swords
  16. More photos - I’ll get my professional camera out on it tomorrow
  17. Here is my sword - han-tanren You can see lots of grain Great topic by the way PNSSHOGUN ! I’m Learning lots
  18. Thank you Slowly going through the the threads and sub threads - Dean
  19. Thanks Brian That explains a lot and I appreciate your response - Dean
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