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  1. So the small knife is obviously a poor example of embellishing a famous makers signature/title? If it’s from the end of a broken sword could the person who re-fashioned it to a knife have tried to replicate the swords original info? Anything I can learn from the hamon pattern once polished? Obviously I now know enough to never try to polish a real Nihonto myself, but this being a possible broken piece with gimei mei (forged signature....is that the way to say it?) would that be bad if I did? The hamon appears very active and I think it would look very neat once polished..even if a real sword tip would it ruin any real value with me trying to bring out those hamon lines? I know I’d never try it on a real one.
  2. What would happen if a random USGIs family were in possession of a national treasure sword? How would Japan getting possession of it work? Bidding war with a wealthy collector? Is it considered stolen from the US govt since they “took possession” of it? Is it considered a war trophy?
  3. So it could be the broken end of a katana fashioned into a short knife? Curious what the inscription says.
  4. Here are some samples of a few other blades I have. The Wakizashi has a couple major rust spots as shown.
  5. I have several blades in my possession that I’d like information on. I am at the very start of learning about Nihonto and have “fallen” into possession of these. This one blade is different. It’s a small knife (Tanto?) with unknown inscriptions and a mum carved into it. It came in the scabbard shown. Has a very active looking hamon under the dullness. I may have other blades I need help with as well. Some Wakizashi and other tanto.
  6. I know this is a newer chef knife but any hope on a maker or brand translation would help. Thanks. - Klay
  7. Thanks guys for all your help. I’ll have to ponder what I’ll end up doing with it. I’m a firearms collector and jumping into these swords can be just as pricey if not more lol.
  8. Well that’s disheartening. So it’s a junk sword but possibly authentic just reworked a lot? IF the blade is real what would an estimate value range be?
  9. Thanks SteveM. How would one go about authenticating or appraising a sword of this type and does anything make this sword stand out as unique? Is there a specific timeframe this sword could have been made during? Do the grip parts appear original for the blade or at least the period? Could it have been cut down centuries ago or was this a more recent cut down (if even possible to tell)?
  10. Hello all. I am brand new to this and had recently posted this right before the board went down and deleted the last post and info. I am an antique auction and estate/property auction buyer in the SE US and have recently acquired a Japanese Wakazashi in a bulk property sale with other unrelated items. I am somewhat familiar with war time European blades but am a novice with Japanese blades. I know very little. Can anyone tell me anything about the blade and markings I have? It is a Wakazashi I’m told and it’ has 17.5” of cutting edge. Klay C.
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