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  1. Very nice George! I agree, I do not see any evidence to anything being mounted there. I am going to try and find correct menuki as well as the locking piece. I believe it should be wrapped like yours. If anyone has advice as to where I can find the missing bits, as well as where to get correct material for rewrapping, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Again, Dave
  2. Kind of what I was thinking, but I have not found any others like it either.
  3. Ok, I was able to purchase it! Here are a few more pics. All mountings are iron, wood scabbard. Wondering if the wrap has been redone, missing the lock. 93 stamped on top of blade, also in pencil in the inside of handle. Thanks, Dave
  4. Thank you! I think I am going to go back and see what I can get it for. He does not know what to ask (neither do I!) It is missing the locking studs I agree it looks to have been re-wrapped, and the Menuki look to be replacements. I did not get good pictures of the blade, there is some harmon that I could see, I think it could be choji ...could this be traditionally made? I most likely could have walked out of there with it for $200 as is, but since I removed the handle and took pictures, I think he knows it is worth more now I would like to be honest with him though, he is a small shop and a nice man. Thanks to this site, I am learning (but feel that I will never learn enough to know what I am looking at )
  5. Hello again, I found another sword in a local Army-Navy store. I have not purchased it. It looks to be either restored or not completed, or possibly fake (with star stamp?) It looks to have late war hardware, no peg hole drilled in handle, and wrap is green? I did see a number stamp on the hilt, it matched under the handle penciled in the wood. Anyway, here is what is inscribed. Thanks in Advance David D
  6. Everyone, Thanks for your help and guidance. The owner asked me to list it on Ebay, I did as he wished and it sold in 15 minutes. Everyone is happy, and hopefully the new owner will enjoy. Dave
  7. The scratches were already in the blade, all I did was use a little Flitz polish (which does not scratch).
  8. Ok, so I decided to clean this up a bit to see what was underneath: Could this be some grain I see?
  9. Well, I think I have talked him into selling it as is. I found out he paid $150 for it. Not sure if he will recover that back, but live and learn! Would ebay be the best place to list it? Thanks Again.
  10. Thank you for all of your replies. One other question he has asked...what do you think it is worth in it’s current condition? I am very slowly starting to learn about these (I recently picked one up myself (non-traditionally mad,I think..., but good condition). I posted pictures of mine in the following post: http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/28997-first-onewhat-is-it/ Thanks Again, Dave
  11. Hello, I am very new to this realm. I have a friend who has the sword below that is missing parts as shown. There is no maker marks anywhere on it. What should be done with it? Should it be restored or maybe it can be used to restore other swords? I want to do what is best (within reason). How much would it cost to replace the missing items..or how much would it be worth for someone to use for parts if not worth restoring? Thanks, Dave
  12. Hello, I am very new to Japanese swords, as in I picked up my first one today! My main area of collecting is WWII Military firearms, etc. I have tried for several hours to look up the markings on the hilt of the WWII US bringback sword I picked up today, but I just cannot make any headway. One strange thing is the mekugi is basically rolled burlap with a piece of lead in the center...strange? Any help in telling me what I have would be AWESOME! Mass produced? Early or late war? I bought this from the family of an Army vet who was in the pacific, they had this and a Tokyo bayonet. Thanks in advance, Dave
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