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  1. OOPS uplink didnt work on the BBC report mentioned above, have tried again but does not seem to be working, sorry, anyway in the BBC report it says only swords over 100 years old are exempt. Ian.
  2. Hi Paul, You might be right and probably are, I have to confess that I have not read the Goverment papers on this, but have only read what has been in the newspapers and television, I list an example of that below from the BBC. Best regards, Ian.
  3. Im concerned about all of this, but not surprised, the world is slowly going nuts, I was thinking about bringing back 3 Japanese swords back into the UK this year but now I am having 2nd thoughts, I dont want to lose my swords which have been handed down to me and have been in our family for decades, Im honest, law abiding and would never even dream of using them in a violent way, Id rather get my gun if you want the truth, Im being penalised by my own goverment because of certain idiots with cheap chinese swords that cost 30 quid on ebay. What can you do legally in the UK, if you wanted to sell, say a WW2 shingunto for example, according to the law you cant do much with it because it is less than 100 years old, theres a big difference between a 65 year old sword and a new crap chinese one costing 20-60 quid. If I wanted to sell, I dont, but if I did then I would be breaking the law. Just my thoughts, what a crazy world we live in. Ian.
  4. Hi, I have uploaded the pictures to the server, if anyone would like to view would you kindly contact me via pm with your email address and I will forward the activation code and details of how to view the pictures of the 2 swords. note that there are 96 high resolution macro pictures to view, I will also try and assist in any way that I can. regards, Ian
  5. Heysan Stefan, jag ar in Skelleftea, var ar du! Ian.
  6. Hi, Brian/Stephan Thank you for welcoming me to your board, your help in trying to find out more information about these Swords is really appreciated, I said to my wife yesterday that somebody somewhere would just look at these swords and tell you all about them, unfortunatly this is not my forte and to be honest I dont have a clue. I will upload to an external Swedish server called Diino, high resolution pictures are no problem and I can upload multiple pictures, saving your web space. I will try and take photographs of the WW2 Shingunto sword first followed by the Shinto period Sword, and will try and find the missing 3rd Sword later on in the week. Best regards, Ian.
  7. Hello, I wanted to say hello and to introduce myself to your excellent forum. I am in Sweden and I have 3 Japanese swords that have been in my family for many years, one is believed to be 17th century, the reason for joining is that I would like to find out more about these swords, many years ago 2 of the swords were looked at by a friend of the family in England, the conclusion was that one of the swords was a Shinto period Sword in WW2 livery, the other sword was thought to be 20th century, again in WW2 livery, one sword has a leather bound saya, the other one is in a WW2 steel saya, from memory I think that only 2 of the 3 swords are signed, all the swords were hand made, not machine made, I think that the Shinto period sword does not have any writing on it, possibly due to the red rust on the tang, but I am not sure at the moment as I have not taken this sword apart yet, but I remember the rust from years ago when I was a young boy, all of the swords were in good condition, the blades of the two found swords seem to be in good condition with no abuse, these swords are WW2 bring backs and have been in the loft all of their life. Some years ago I tried in vain to find the makers name and a date for these swords, but I could not read the inscriptions, I have spent yesterday all day trying to read one, but with no joy, so I hope you will not mind if I ask for your opinions on these swords, the last time these swords were taken apart the internet did not even exist. It is one of these moments I guess that if I do not make the effort now to find out about these swords the chances are that they will go back in to the loft for another period of time, only to be forgotten about again. I have found 2 of the 3 swords, the Shinto and the 20th century WW2 sword, I have to look for the 3rd sword, its up there hiding somwhere lol. Let me know if it is ok to upload some pictures and I will have a go later on perhaps over the weekend. Best regards to all. Lockesboy.
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