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  1. Sword is currently on hold. Thanks for all the offers I appreciate it. Will update it when the sale finalised.
  2. Interested parties can dm me to discuss. i'm open for offers. Good day to everyone!
  3. Thank you. I totally agree, whoever is the next owner is a lucky man. Gotta downsize a little bit to make way for more to study.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm putting up for sale a very beautiful koto attributed to Bizen Hidekage. Background: Bizen Hidekage is the great grandson of great smith Chikakage. Rated as a Jyo-saku smith in Fujishiro. The hamon on this sword is gunome choji ba with kinsuji. Uniform kinsuji with thick layers of ji-nie Utsuri is present. A very beautiful hada throughout, exposed by a superb polishing work (i'm assuming, done by the previous owner). On the nakago, there's remnants of kinpunmei that may imply an alternative attribution to (X)mitsu, but let's just take it as Hidekage. I have thoroughly enjoyed this sword and studied it. Now it's time to pass it on to other nihonto collector. Specifications: O-suriage Mumei 69.9cm nagasa 6mm kasane 3.2cm moto-haba Niju-Ginkise Habaki with special decorative pattern NTHK Kanteisho Asking for $5,800 + paypal & shipping DM me if keen. I'm from Singapore, and the regulations for importing/exporting swords are rather stringent. Do note that I cannot take any returns, but I can assure you that the sword is in original pristine condition as I bought it from Ray. Photo credits to Mr. Ray Singer Credits Link: http://swordsofjapan.com/project/bizen-hidekage-daito-with-kinpunmei/ ~Ben
  5. Hi Everyone, Recently I've acquired a Miyairi Kozaemon Yukihira Katana as part of my growing interest in Gendaito and Shinsakuto. As it is unlikely that I will have opportunities to handle and admire the beauty of more Miyairi School swords in the short term, I was thinking if a thread like this could spark a friendly sharing session between collectors of Miyairi line swords. To get the ball rolling, my sword details are as follows. Nagasa: 74.8 cm Sori: 2.5 cm Hamachi Width: 3.4 cm Kissaki Width: 2.9 cm Moto-Kasane: 75 mm Saki-Kasane: 60 mm Made in Mid Autumn, 2004 Ko-Itame hada with consistent beautiful jinie throughout. Hamon: Notare Gunomemidare w/ Kinsuji and Sunagashi I will upload more photos/videos taken by me, but for now I will use the scan by Samurai Shokai (photo credits to them) I've made a few observations. 1.) Shinsakuto are not always perfect as what some people believe. Minor kizu like kitae-ware and mune-ware exist through the blade. 2.) Interestingly, the ububa is not as thick as some of my gendaito. Curious to see if anyone has an opinion on this, as its something that intrigued me. 3.) I'm not sure if this is an utsushi of Shizu or Kiyomaru, but it resembles more towards kiyomaru imo. Thanks for going through my post! Curious to see what other blades are out there! If you have information regarding my sword, do share with me as I'm very curious on the provenance of my sword. ~Ben
  6. Thanks alot! I think its safe to conclude is ware haha! consulted a few other vets as well! Appreciate you guys taking your time to comment!
  7. Hi everyone! I just bought my first decent katana. I found out this kizu on the mune of the blade. Could veterans here give me your opinions on whether this is a mune ware? or a crack? its about 2cm long eyeballed this, could be less than 2 but definitely > 1cm. Thanks for your time and your comments are greatly appreciated! Regards!
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