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  1. Hello I just owned a book limited edition by Kyoto National Museum ..the sword of Kyoto and inside out of nowhere there were Indonesian Kris from 16th century. I attached the page please help to translate im willing to pay via paypal Regards Dion
  2. This is a book published by Kyoto National Museum 2018. I just bought it and still 3 more available if anyone interested. It might written in Japanese language so its more suitable for those who have basic metallurgy knowledge as all it need is the pictures of 200 swords of Japan National Treasure. So we can use the Hada, Hamon etc pictures as point of references in choosing sword. I got it from ebay Regards Dion Satrio
  3. Hi everyone Im new in Nihonto and while looking for a sword i found an interesting news regarding fake NBTHK paper. I ask around then one of the senior collector give me the information that NBTHK paper have security feature as shown in the picture below. So i want to know if anyone have information whether or not NBTHK paper hv other security feature. Btw in ebay i ask some who are listed the sword with paper, i ask them to take picture againts the light so i can see the security feature but always no reply Cheers Dion
  4. Dalva

    Seiryuken Eiju

    Hello Geraint Out of habit i always look on patina and corrosion first. Iron its envitable to corrode, old age corrosion and patina its hard to duplicate. As for casting, well it is ancient methode to create thing out of iron ore. So even if it is casting with correct patina and corrosion sud be fine for 100 dollar tsuba. In regard of iron if it from before 19th century and forged, it need to be from wrought iron material because no other material available at that period..Japan n perhaps the world still not knowing mild steel. I think this also linear with katana sword where the soft iron sud be wrought iron material. This btw is my own methode to identify old and fake old. Even it is look old but the iron is mild steel then it is definetely from 20th century. As for tsuba above i need to inspect it closely thats why i bought it. After this i also will buy wht being regarded as forged tsuba to see if it truly forge and using wrought iron material because it need to use wrought iron material. Its easy to test u just bend it until breaking point and see the iron grain. At this point im still not in preservation mode (otherwise i will aim for masterpiece), right now im still in curiosity n learning process Cheers
  5. Dalva

    Seiryuken Eiju

    Thx Brian, noted on Seiryuken is an workshop not person. I bought this not because im looking for master piece nor that i create the thread to show off the Tsuba. I just want to know about the Mei if anyone hv info on it. Btw Its less than 100 dollar but the patina and corosion is correct. Its just me im always interested in corroded iron to study the patina and the quality of iron to some degree As cast or not well i just bought it 45 min ago so the Tsuba not yet arrive therefore i cant really tell. Regards Dion
  6. Dalva

    Seiryuken Eiju

    Hello I found an article about Seiryuken Eiju tsuba which sold for 10 k. So i started search more info on it. What I observed is the way mei written a bit unique for me who just learn Japanese although I understand Chinese character Out of curiosity i found this tsuba with mei written Seiryuken Eiju so i bought it out of gambling and curiosity. Please tell me is this mei is original..if it fake its fine for me Thx Cheers Dion
  7. Dalva

    Iron Patina

    Isnt it just dif kind of rust ? I call it black rust, btw sure i will look up for it regarding fe2O3 and fe3O4 Thx
  8. Dalva

    Iron Patina

    Hi, thank you all for the input it really give more insight on how to differentiate cast and forged. Btw no im not buying it im just screenshot it as a subject to discuss iron patina. Cheers Dion
  9. Dalva

    Iron Patina

    For comparison on original iron patina
  10. Dalva

    Iron Patina

    Hi guys I found this Tsuba on ebay and i dont know is it because the picture or the patina is synthetic, but the collor a bit off to me. An original iron patina sud have some brown rust somewhere in the surface as the iron patina is actually a rust. Tell me what u guys think and maybe we can discuss patina here. Apologize if the duscussion on iron patina already been posted before Cheers Dion
  11. Yea, its in a bad condition when its first found 2 years ago. The Javanese acid treatment move away all the rust in the blade and the blade it self have a good steel. No new rust until now without oiling or anything for 2 years (its my own way to test steel quality as i dont hv sensei). It might look ugly for Nihonto community as it not smooth n shinny but the durability again rusting, the metallurgy of the sword..for me who are iron guy, this sword tells lots of information metallurgy wise. Anyway it will be preserve forever as my first Katana ^^
  12. Hello, the katana i found in the river already clean and i ask around to polish it will cost me lots of money. Do you guys think it is worth it to be polished ? It seems it will have good Hamon as Hamon is built in inside the sword so wht ever treatment use the line that separate hard steel and soft steel will be there Thx
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