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  1. What- exactly is Lonely Planet saying? Priced too high for the mid range quality segment? Sorry I'm dense.

    In these situations, how is the payment system usually handled- been wondering about that for some time...based on trust that the last payment is rewarded by the vendor shipping merchandise or are the payments held in a separate account?

  2. Newish member here.


    After Christmas, possibly looking to purchase a katana. I'm not a collector but have a deep appreciation of blades. I don't know why but the attraction extends to Japanese blades and not so much others. For many years I have admired and have been looking on this site for some time and have seen some private blades exchanged for a reasonable prices, I have decided that since my knowledge is very limited I'll steer clear of Ebay and pay the premium here for peace of mind. Is there a seller rating here attached to member signature- if there is, I'm not seeing it, likewise are there favored members here to deal with or stay away from. I don't think there is a section for positive or negative seller feedback.


    What I want may have a little different justification, I'm looking for a WW2 era blade, practical military fighting sword not civilian- machine or family blade of good quality that the Japanese soldier would have confidence taking into the fight. Taste runs to the Navy style with the O-Kissaki tipped, just a little less common.

    Is a sub $2k usd realistic?

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