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  1. The blade is heavy and sharp.
  2. I have a few SS blades with the Naval Anchor stamp, but this one is a larger, i never seen a real WWII blade with English?
  3. All the holes are drilled, two through, one not through.
  4. Found with a WWII sword. Thank You.
  5. No headache here Rich, glad to see a smile next to your headache! LOL hehe "May 2011 bring you lots of wonderful Nihonto; all Juyo." I second that motion. Cheers!
  6. I agree about the cloves oil leaving marks John, for me it was on the blades, staining them, i stay away from using anything with cloves oil in it myself now, i use the 3 oils below, all good IMO, never had the chance to use Camellia Oil? Rem oil Hoppe's oil Outer oil
  7. It is hard for me to say how much on a Emura blade, the prices can go high these days, here is one that just sold on Ebay last month, hope this helps. http://cgi.ebay.ph/Japanese-WW-II-Army- ... 0288550303
  8. Very Nice Bowie! Here is one i have made by Kuzan, not Nihonto (remember the video of the bullet getting cut in two hitting one of his swords a few years back i believe?) when he was working with Bob Loveless in 1978 as marked on the blade, he used a chisel like you would use to mark a Japanese Sword, notice the sheath looks like Bob made it?
  9. My advice is to wait and buy one in polish with paper from a dealer in Japan you know you can trust like one below, don't waste your money on the unknown like i did in the past. I have bought swords from them below and i trust them, let others buy out of polish swords that know more then us. http://www.aoi-art.com/ http://www.samuraishokai.jp/index.html http://www.e-sword.jp/newlineup.htm
  10. Thanks guys, here you go Tom, Blade length 69cm, Kasane 8.1mm, Width at the hamachi 3.2cm, Sori 5mm, Nakago width 9.1mm.
  11. Ditto Mark, both the same and it looks real to me?
  12. Tom helped me get in tomorrow, i am excited!!! :D Heading back to the Show, it opens at 12:00 noon. Cheers!
  13. Thanks Tom, see you to first thing tomorrow, 10:00 AM sharp! Cheers!
  14. I have not been on this board in a coons age, anyway i just got this email about the nthk San Francisco Shinsa. "James - We are sorry pre-registration is closed for this event - If you would like a timeslot please come see us in the shinsa room anytime after 1000 tomorrow and we will help get you in. -t Tom Helm " Hope this helps?
  15. Love your sword, i think pictures 2 and 4 show it off well, i think your on the right track.
  16. Looks like it was done on the PC to me, not on the blade.
  17. Happy Birthday Brian Indeed, you have been a big help around here!!!!
  18. I have had success getting rid of fire scale by soaking the tsuba in oil over night and then going over it with a bone prick and doing it over again a few times if need be, took me some time, but the fire scale is now gone.
  19. I live in California, yes everything under the sun is illegal here, but i rather face 12 then be carried by 6 as the saying goes. IMO, no need to worry if your not breaking the law in the first place.
  20. Need closeups of the blade to be sure and the Koshirae as well, but i think you did just fine Jason, Gunto prices are still up these days and they sell fast if priced right.
  21. Thanks Stephen, i liked the last Tsuba and i got sea sick on the Japanese Sword Exhibition Dai Token Ichi 2008 Youtube ride, some very nice swords i must say, wish i went to that show!
  22. Make sure you take out both mekugi's and then take a towel and put it around the blade close to the Habaki, while holding the towel use a wood steak on the Tsuba close to the blade itself using a rubber/wood mallet, pound the wood steak and it will come apart. Be careful!!!
  23. Seppa, washers above and below the Tsuka to tighten the fittings were used for 100's of years, i have heard the first swords my not have had them, but for me a sword without at least two Seppa's, one on each side of the Tsuba is incomplete and a eye sore.
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