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  1. Claudio

    Nthk Origami

    Thanks a million! Claudio.
  2. Thank you, both, for everything. This has not been my very first buy, but they are my very first kashiras. Sorry: I didn't know that the images of the backs were important: I will enclose them as soon as possible. I will enclose my signature on the bottom, too and I will spend my time in studying. Regards, Claudio.
  3. Claudio

    Nthk Origami

    Thanks! Not at the moment: I am a newbie and not ready, yet: only for my information.
  4. Claudio

    Nthk Origami

    Dear sirs, is there anybody who has ever obtained a NTHK certificate for a tsuba? How does it work? Anybody could ask for an origami sending any tsubas or there are rules and selections and only the best ones can receive certificates? Thanks.
  5. This is my very first post. I am a newbie, from Europe, so forgive me if I make mistakes. I have found no room for introduce myself, so forgive me if I directly ask for informations, here... I don't want to seem rude. At least I won't waste your time, chatting... Well: this is a recent buy I have done. Only junk to be studied, for novice, I suppose, nothing special. What do you think?
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