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  1. So april 1972, thank You so much Sir! I would never have understood it by myself. Really Thank You so much!
  2. I did some try: showa water + rat = 1972/1973? i'm not friendly with eto/zodiac calendar... could you add the kanji You think for date? 昭和丙子年....???
  3. wow, thank You Mr SteveM! very much appreciated!!!
  4. Steve a lot of thank You. it helped a lot. It is actually a wakizashi of 55,1 cm about. so i think you almost centered the point except for the shaku measurement which should be "ichi" or something equivalent. (it has a recent nbthk hozon which states 1 shaku, 8 sun, 1 bu. so at the time of sayagaki 2 bu cpuod be correct) perhaps last kanji could be "強" (=about)? for the date i assumed by confronting another one it could be summer of the horse year (showa era). What do you think? Sorry if i add more info only now, but i didn't want to influence someone.
  5. Hello to everyone, i'm facing some difficulties with the traslation of a part of this sayagaki: I think it should state nagasa, date of sayagaki and "Sato Kanzan wrote + kao". Someone could help me with at least the date part? Thanks in advance for your eventual try. Enrico
  6. Hello guys! it seems there will be a second attempt in 2020. but samurai art expo will rename into Japan art expo. someone has got more info? it will be nothing related to last year event?
  7. these are great deal. hope the best for you jean!
  8. Please let me correct the original wrong description of High5Japan ebay seller: it means "Tadakuni second/assistant lord of Shinano".
  9. Suppaman

    For Sale

    i can confirm it is a nidai work.
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