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  1. Stephen, as far as I was aware you could only upload images upto 5mb per post... Sorry for the inconvenience caused I guess and I have found a good source of information of the gunto http://ohmura-study.net/905.html
  2. I'm unaware of any potential sources to search information about my grandad in the war, only know his name, don't know anymore details (regiment, rank etc) His name was Stanley/Stan Hale from Birmingham, West Midlands, England. I'm guessing you guys might have a bit more of a reach when it comes to this sort of thing... Thank you all again for the amazing responses
  3. Wow, that ment more than you'll know mate, I really appreciate your feedback. As for a story to put to the sword, I have one my grandma told me as a child but I don't know how reliable it is, considering my grandad only told her this once and also, my grandad passed away before I was born so I have never had the chance to speak to him about the gunto and story personally..... Within the last part of the war (1944-45) a officer /General of a fellow allied force presented my grandad and 4 others with a 'Japanese officers sword' for helping them with 'something'. Very loose story I know, but that is all I know of the origins of the gunto.
  4. There's the requested photo, I'm guessing by that the gunto and scabbard aren't a pair..
  5. That's the blade side, will take a picture of the scabbard when I get home from work! Thank you all for your responses!
  6. Few more pictures, as you can see by the previous image, the red leather is confusing...
  7. Would you apply oil just to the blade or the tang as well? Will only see a signature if I remove some of the rust but I know from other sources that it is not the done thing...
  8. Bruce, thank you for your reply! As for the tang, I understand what you mean but I personally don't know the best way to go about removing the orange rust, any suggestions would be much appreciated. As for the green and red on the scabbard, that is also a mystery to me, seems its the dye of the leather and is not painted, although the red piece at the bottom is a very funny and odd fit! As far as I am aware I am the only person to handle the sword since it was brought back from the war, even my grandmother never recalls my grandad touching it, not after he put it behind there wardrobe in the late 40's-early 50's!
  9. As you all can see, there is a lot of rust on the tang so no signatures are visible, that's me presuming that there may be one underneath the rust.... ????
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