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  1. Glad you could see them for what they are, I know they had me scratching my head. Yes, they are both in Rinji fittings (type 3 ?) with 2 mekugi ana on both swords. Here are the date and smith pics for the Kanetsuga. Happy to oblige and hope these were useful for you. James.
  2. Here are the Kanetsuga stamps.
  3. Hello Bruce, here are the Nobumitsu stamp pictures you asked for. I hope these are of some use to you, my photography skills may have gotten even worse if thats possible. If you need a larger or clearer image just let me know and I will make the attempt. Next I will send the Kanetsuga pictures I have as well. Thanks again for all you do.
  4. Very nice! There is something about the more subdued look of a type 3 that I find compelling, and yours is an amazing example. James R
  5. Thank you all for your expertise and research, it is very much appreciated. James R
  6. Thank you very much Simon, tsuna is not one I had considered. Toyo, nobu, and even michi looked like possibilities but nothing leapt out at me. JamesR
  7. Hello all, had the chance to pickup another gunto sword locally and am having trouble with the translation. I believe I have the first kanji but have several options on the second. Any help would be greatly appreciated. JamesR
  8. Odd story, the auction house that had shipped the sword originally just shipped the latch! They must have found it laying about separately and somehow correctly attributed it to the sword I had purchased. Thanks for the help everyone, it appears I am now set. James R.
  9. That's actually a great idea but most lock mechanisms I am finding are for Type 98 and I actually need this for a Type 3. There seems to be a significant difference in length, approx. 1/4" and I am thinking that might look somewhat odd as well as throwing off the mounting hole location on the tsuka. Appreciate the alternate option though. James
  10. Well it appears the one that Chris found for me wont work due to length differences, that seems to be fairly common with the variances on these swords. So now I am hoping to find a broken chuso, I need the button portion primarily and I will try to rebuild the actual catch portion that seems to be broken off on many of these stoppers. The experience will give me exact dimensions needed for my sword also. As this sword is staying with me a temporary repair until I can find the correct length chuso will be fine for me and will fill the empty hole and secure the blade till then. If you happen to have kept an old broken stopper you would part with please let me know. Thanks, James.
  11. Awesome, dont know how I missed that one. Thank you. James
  12. Hello, looking for the scabbard lock/retention spring button for a gunto sword. Thank you, James.
  13. Silver plated? Usually aluminum for these swords. Measurements differ but appears to be what you are looking for. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-Gunto-WWII-Sword-Part-Two-Seppa-Spacers-For-Katana-Silver-Plated-6/142619158467?hash=item2134c3a7c3:g:ffwAAOSwridaK2i~ James
  14. Hello, I dont know if you have tried them yet but another member had posted a source for parts in another thread. Crimson Mist Military Antiques (cmmilitaryantiques.com) They didnt have what i am looking for but they did have several assorted seppa for gunto. James R
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