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  1. Dear Geraint For some reason I missed yr detailed reply in the Full Version of the site and only happened on it here in the mobile version. Thank you again for such a quick reply! I will pass the link on to the owner of the case. Thanks again! Kind rgds Philip
  2. Dear Geraint Thank you so much for the good news.Much appreciated. Kind rgds Philip
  3. Case is magnetic so probably not original. All help appreciated.
  4. Big tea cups the uncracked one with a beautiful blue subglaze which I've not noticed before on Oribe-ware.The blue appears dark green except in sunlight. The crack is not an issue for use. ¥4500 the pair plus EMS with tracking and insurance. Item ships from Tokyo. Paypal.
  5. ¥16000 plus EMS with tracking & insurance. Paypal. Item ships from Tokyo.
  6. No idea where it was made but very unusual koudei. The clay looks like Tanba clay but the glaze doesn't. ¥1500 + EMS with tracking and insurance. Paypal.
  7. 1920's/vintage thin-walled Tanba sake flask and 2 cups. ¥5000 plus pp. Paypal. Item ships from Tokyo by EMS with tracking & insurance.
  8. No worries m8.I think it's a bit of an unususl name fwiw.
  9. I know it's incredible, isn't it! I've got an Aiko Watanabe guinomi with similar texture but it seems restrained compared to this piece. Obviously anagama fired. Kowari Tetsuya is the artist,b. 1970.
  10. 1920-30's vintage yunomi from this famous chawan artist, some of whose works still remain affordable- like this piece. I think this might be it's original box but not sure. Circumference 22.5 cms x height 8.4 cms. ¥25000 excl shipping. Item ships from Tokyo Japan by EMS with track & trace & ins. Paypal only.
  11. Endearingly small (5.5 x 3.3) classic Karatsu sake cup with good age. Draped thick 'wet towel' glaze on underside and a rough and tumble koudai. Collector's piece. Includes new box. ¥8000 plus shipping from Tokyo Japan by EMS with track & trace & ins. Paypal only.
  12. Hello Thomas The height is 15.0 cms and the circumference at it's most bulbous is 30.5 cms. Just one refil kills a full size sake bottle! EMS to Germany will be around ¥1600. Cheers Philip
  13. Iga Tokkuri 2013 production. A suitably volcanic piece from this well regarded artist. Includes a signed box. Item ships from Tokyo Japan by EMS with track & trace & ins. ¥18000 excl shipping. Paypal only.
  14. Hi Evan Happy to hear it arrived safe and sound and that you like it. Nice tokkuri here if you like Aiko. I'll get some buttons made. http://ishizuchicorp.co.jp/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/16-17.jpg
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