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  1. I am seeking any information on these 2 paintings of Samurai. There are dozens on EBay, mostly inexpensive. I hope these are better than most of the others and perhaps more valuable. Of the two, the one with the blue sky seems superior in artistic quality to the other. It is in a frame that is close to 100 years old. Thanks for any advice, especially on values.
  2. I need help identifying the artist of these Samurai paintings. I know these are common, but the first one probably was created during the 1920's and seems to be of superior quality. The other does not show as much detail and care. I will probably want to sell these once I can identify the artist, so values would also be helpful. Any information is appreciated.
  3. Attached is photo of my candle holder. Thought I added this when I started the thread!
  4. I've just purchased this artifact that I think may be a bronze candle holder of Japanese origin. Possibly from a Buddhist temple. It appears to be made of several cast pieces that were joined, with ornamentation also added. It is 22" tall. The top, where a spike might go to hold the candle, has been drilled to use it as a lamp base. Any leads or observations are appreciated. I can add any photos with details if requested.
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