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  1. Hi Piers It is 9 cm exactly and the bottom is flat apart from 1 cm from the muzzle, allowing it to stand as pictured Thank you for your interest Tony
  2. Many thanks for your information gentlemen, it has certainly put my mind at rest Piers - you are partially correct, the rear mekugi loop is missing and the front only just lines up, the barrel band was the only thing holding the barrel on However, there are no other holes or signs of filled ones to suggest another stock?? I managed to clear the front loop and get a thin mekugi in to hold it together better (the rear one lines up with the missing loop) Jan - the bore is 13.5mm +/- 0.1mm, see pic Signature underneath barrel - date? Bore is 13.5mm, pitted inside Many thanks again for your information Tony
  3. With reference to my earlier post, I bought this from the same uk dealer I read a thread here some time ago about these but cannot find it now From my recollection of the thread I take it this is a cast brass 20th century copy ? Many thanks again Tony (TH)
  4. Hi Everyone As a long time collector and visitor I would appreciate a little help I bought this earlier this year at Birmingham Arms Fair (UK) also a small hand cannon which I will post separately I can spot a fake sword but did not really look close enough at this before I bought it Is it genuine or a more recent copy Comments welcome and many thanks Tony (TH)
  5. TH

    Gassan Sadakazu Katana

    I am reasonably sure this blade was for sale by a well known UK dealer at the Birmingham Arms Fair a few years ago Similar hamon and age and horimono It was too cheap to be a real Gassan Sadakazu blade IMHO but too expensive to take a chance given my lack of detailed knowledge for this level so I let it go The dealer then offered me a papered Gassan blade, although lister stating it was "one of his students" I have wondered until now whether I made a mistake! Tony
  6. Many thanks to all for your help, the owner certainly has more than he hoped for Gearge - It probably is a Pattern 53 (or earlier?) with Tower lock cut down furniture when the 52" barrel fitted? P53 sight Thread is here http://britishmilitariaforums.yuku.com/ ... ybN517OSL0 Many thanks again Tony
  7. Hi Guys my other interest is old guns, can someone give me a translation on this Kanji on an 1868 wall gun? Many thanks TH
  8. I have been away from this forum for some time and have just logged on again I have bought several blades from this seller some years ago and have always been satisfied, most have been verified by more experienced guys than myself TH
  9. Does anyone have any contact with Mike Yeon in New York, or know a way of contacting him? I am experiencing an isue with a sword (Bizen Sukesada featured on this site) which I purchased through Ebay from him 8 months ago, and have not received since paying for it. I have tried all the usual contact methods (He does not answer work or cellphone) but have not received any reply for 6 months. The sword remains paid for (bankers draft, not paypal) but unsent, and am eager to try to resolve this matter Tony H
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