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    Poorya Haddadi
  1. Poory

    Tsuba Help

    Iresearched those two holes are traditionally for the kogai and kogatana, which fit into slots in the saya. The holes are asymmetrical because the tools are asymmetrical. They exist so that the tools can be removed without drawing the sword. (the handle for the kogatana is refered to as the kozuka, and so the hole can be referred to as the kozuka ana, rather than a kogatana-ana /end useless trivia) Some tsuba only have a hole for the kogatana Poorya
  2. Poory

    Tsuba Help

    Dear Ken, Thank you so much. I will try to learn and get better at this. Thanks for your time replying to my post Poorya
  3. Poory

    Tsuba Help

    Hi all, I have got my first Tsuba. I am new to this world. Can anyone provide information on this piece i have got!? Thank you
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