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  1. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with it( it’d make an incredible case) it’s just that it recently sold on eBay for 1/15 of the asking price . I do not mean this as an insult.
  2. Gotta agree with you, the set itself is excellent but the kurikata is incredible.
  3. If sold to a nmb member I'll donate 15% of the sale price to help out Ford.
  4. If anyone is interested in the kozuka, it is for sale here: https://www.raindragonfineartandantiques.com/product-page/accessory-knife-handle-kozuka It has since been professionally restored by Marcus Chambers, and comes in a custom box. Thank you
  5. My initial gut feeling says ko kinko as well. The carving is very deep as well.
  6. The menuki look like they are from the cast school of fittings.
  7. Apart from the nbthk which is the "professional opinion", Ray's opinion is very well regarded and I agree with him here that's its not close.
  8. Yes, I do not believe any tsuba were made prior to Tokujo.
  9. There were innumerable "netsuke" made as merely trinkets.
  10. These are all modern carvings, likely made in the mid to late 20th century for the tourist market.
  11. Hypothetically if these were sent for papers, I'd be fairly sure it would come back ko-kinko.
  12. As long as it is professionally/respectfully restored there shouldn't be an issue.
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