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  1. Hi Jason:

    I need your address and your payment.

  2. Hi Chuck:

    I have many Newsletters and can look for you but i need more information and to find an hour or more to get what you are looking for.

    1. ChuckJ


      NO worries my good friend!  The references I have from my friend Bill Miler is:


      NAGATSUGU (長次), 1st gen., Jōō (承応, 1652-1655), Kaga – “Gashū-jū Fujiwara Nagatsugu” (賀州住藤原長次), dense itame with ji-nie, ō-gunome-midare in nie-deki

      Kaga Povince

      Itame Hada

      Toko Taikan page 458

      Shinshinto Taikan page 586

      Kaga Province 1st generation


      Mei:  Gashū jū Fujiwara Nagastugu

      賀州 住 藤原  長次  

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