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  1. I may be interested on the gunto, if still available. Please let me know




  2. Thank you, Yeah, need to delete messages I have received. I'm potentially interested. Any photos you have would be appreciated.
  3. In fair condition. Price: 700US$, with mounting if possible.
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies..much appreciated.
  5. A katana, fully mounted in fair condition. Price: 500$ US
  6. Hi Greg, Perhaps, we are in the same boat. I have had a large collection of samurai items over many years but never an original samurai photo. My Japanese collector friends in Japan, say it is easier to buy a Nanbokucho tsuba. Cheers, Greg
  7. Hi Greg, it appears my inbox is full? Anyhow, just looking for an original photo.
  8. Interested in Japanese photos. Cheers, Greg
  9. Hi All. If you have any original photos from the Meiji/Edo period, please get in touch. Cheers, Greg
  10. Hi Marco, I bought a kabuto and the menpo from Aoi Japan (but the stand wasn't included). I told them that an appropriate stand had to be included, they agreed. The kabuto/menpo has been sold but I still have the stand. Any interest? Cheers, Greg
  11. Hi All, Still looking for more Japanese photos of Geisha/Samurai. Cheers, Greg
  12. Looking for old photos, Edo period or older. Cheers, Greg
  13. Hi Ron, If you need any additional input/help on Menpo, please let me know. Cheers, Greg
  14. Satsuma ware. If you are interested in an original piece , look for a piece that has almost no decorations of any kind..no moriage, etc.
  15. Hi All, I am looking for Japanese photos. Edo period. Everyday Japanese life (Geisha photos would be nice)...Samurai photos for sure. Thank you, Greg
  16. Hi All, Looking for original Japanese photos. Edo period. Everyday Japanese life (Geisha photos would be nice)...Samurai photos for sure.​ Thank you, Greg
  17. Hi All. Any assistance on the translation of this tang is much appreciated. Cheers, Greg
  18. Thank you for your replies. The seller indicted that the prints are only in black and white. I guess that likely means the prints are not original??
  19. Hi All, I may have an opportunity to buy an original Hokusai Manga. What should I be careful of and looking out for? Cheers, Greg
  20. Hello All, Samurai Fans. If you have a Samurai fan, would love to see photos (Gunsen, Gunbai, etc) Cheers, Greg
  21. General Discussion. So blades, tosogu, ukiyo-e, pottery, etc.
  22. Hi All, In your opinion, who should have been added as a Living National Treasure? BR, Greg
  23. Thanks All, Not mine yet but thinking about buying. A Fan Kamon...does that square with Edo period? Greg
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