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  1. Dear friend collectors of NMB ,

    I´m interested of the Omori school tosogu. Please let me know if you may have any intersting items that you will let go or part with,

    Thank You for Your kindness.


  2. Mr Doffin, Grey,

    My name is Andrew(Anders) from Sweden.

    Some years(many) ago i was in contact with You Mr Doffin ..Grey, regarding our common interest.

    I do remember that with my payment a postcard from Sweden was enclosed. You and Your daughter was very happy as your daugter was working with Scandinavia as an object within here school.

    I do not often write comments in public communties but i can really recommend mr Doffin..Grey.. as a very helplful and kind person within our common interest...Highely recommended.

    All my best to You all and a Happy New Year 2021 !


  3. Hallo everybody in the NMB.

    Normally i do not write or comment in forums but this is a must..

    I would realy like ty cerify that Kelly is your contact if You need help or special buying in or from Japan.

    As a buyer since many years from Kelly i must say that he is number one to help You out with anything of interest or problems that You may have regarding our common interest.

    Very kindely, perfect service, communication just name it... even my personal guide in his hometown of Himeji many times...

    Just send him a note and he will solve it for You..

    Thank You !


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  4. Hallo Thomas,

    Thank You for a very nice deal with the beutiful tsuba that arriwed this weekend. Very nice... just as Michael did comment.(I´d listen to You Michael, Danke !) MUCH nicer in hand..

    Perfect communication and package.....Hopefully Utrecht next..

    Vielen Dank !



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