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    My interests about Nihonto concern Kamakura and Nanbokucho blades for they are to me the most representative and the Muromachi ones for their historic value. I'm also interested in urushi lacquer and the many ways its application to koshirae changed in time. I recognize the eauty of many late Edo period kodogu (Soten, Goto school etc...) by i prefere older ones, where simplicity met effectiveness.

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My name is Emiliano Lorenzi, and i'm form Florence, Italy, where i have a Japanese antiques shop. I started to approach the world of the Japanese sword many years ago, and from 10 year or so it became my profession. As a student i apreciate all the technical aspects of the nihonto, and as a dealer is my duty to know and comprehend them. As an enthusiast though i think the history behind every blade must be the other half of the equation. During my trips to Japan, especially Kanazawa, i got closer to urushi lacquer and started to study techniques and fields of application through history. This later led me to a better understanding of koshirae lacquering and the differences among styles and fashions of the various periods. Koshirae related lacquer is another great passion of mine. Generally speaking i prefere older items, since they are more "authentic" and have a heavier load of history.

So, thank you for having me onboard and i hope we will spend some good time together.

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