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  1. thanks Dave. The project hasn't been touched yet, wrapping etc is as it was and abviously the mountd are not best - it is just loosely put together for storage purposes, pretty much only interested in blade side of that all rather than anything else,which most likely will be replaced. Lukas
  2. Hi there, Few years back I have bought this bargain hunt but only now starting to get it 'fixed' and put it nicely together...it needs some work, especially needs to have proper habaki done (the one attached is temporaty and doesn't fit well) and also seppa's and general TLC. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the value of this wakizashi? i am just curious so appreciate if anyone could help. thanks, Lukas
  3. Hi there, Looking for koiguchi that looks like on the photo attached or very similar- trying to finish my wakizashi project. Please let me know if you can help, thanks. Lukas
  4. Thank you all. If anyone feels llike adding anything please feel free to do so
  5. I was just going through all my books and possibly that check out. that's quite interesting. What do you think about hamon? thanks Lukas
  6. Hi guys, Could anyone help with placing that wakizashi into right period? I was thinking shinto but perhaps anyone else would have different opinion? thanks, Lukas
  7. Hi, Looking for cheap-ish wakizashi, could be something tbe requires some tlc... Also interested in just wakizashi koshirae only. Please pm me with offers Lukas
  8. hi, I am looking for fukigaeshi for kabuto, best with Oda Clan kamon but might consider other ones. Does anyone own some? Lukas
  9. His websute is down nit if you have a contact please pm me. Thanks Lukas.
  10. Hi there, I need to have habaki made. Is the anyone in UK rcemmonded? Thanks, Lukas
  11. Not sure but would seem like it was done recently-ish and didnt have chance to patinate yet.
  12. I visited last year Japanese Sword Museum in Shibuya so would recommend it, Also there are tons nice books for sale in Japanese and even few in english. Here is a link: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g1066456-d2419643-Reviews-The_Japanese_Sword_Museum-Shibuya_Tokyo_Tokyo_Prefecture_Kanto.html Lukas
  13. well, don't think i'll ever will with this one though my appraisal is that it's not worth it
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